I Am Going to Spend 365 Days without Social Media
An experiment by Tanya Smirnova to test if it is possible to live the whole year without social media, mass-media, movies and series. Follow the journey and see how it unfolds.
Tanya Smirnova
Dear friends,
I decided to make an experiment: to spend a whole year without social networks, media, movies and series.
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What happened?
Right now I am in the middle of an interesting stage of my life when I need to make it clear to myself in which area I would like to expertise in. Because of that I need to focus and empty some more space in my head to get it available for the new knowledge. Right now I feel that social networks are making an improbable pressure on me along with movies, series and media. They are shaping my opinion and making an impact on the decisions I make. That is why I want to clear my info space, so I can finally hear myself as well as my inner self.
I believe that giving up social networking and all I described above will help me to:
  • enhance my productivity (I will only watch one episode and that's it… what did they say about it in this community?…);
  • understand myself better (I love helping kids, so I should become a teacher at school… mediation is really helping me, maybe I should go and volunteer in some vipassana-center?…);
  • become free from an outside influence (she is traveling again and I have been in the same place for three months in a row… look how flexible she is and you can't do like that, you dolt…);
  • unleash the energy which I am spending on waiting for reactions to my actions in social networks. As well as on creating an image around my personality.
What is going to happen?
From the 7th of August 2017 for the whole year I will NOT:
  1. Use Facebook.
  2. Use Instagram.
  3. Use Vkontakte.
  4. Use YouTube (only for my teaching and learning needs, but I won't watch anything else).
  5. Enter any communities except Self-Unboxing.
  6. Watch any movies or series (only educational video).
  7. Watch TV (even when I am in my parents house and on visits).
    What will I do?
    I will be able to do online:
    1. Reading e-books.
    2. Reading educational or scientific articles.
    3. Holding Clean Language sessions.
    4. Teaching a Sustainable Project Management course in Russian.
    5. Participating in Self-Unboxing.com (it's only in Russian for now) community.
    6. Listening to music.
    7. Posting articles about my experience on my Medium blog.
    My personal goal is to find out what it means to live with such restrictions and if it is actually possible in my current life.
    Follow my journey
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